OurStit.ch is an ethical t-shirt brand that seeks to change the world for the better, one shirt at a time.

We are a clothing company with a conscience. We know, unfortunately, that is uncommon in an era dominated by huge multinational corporations that put profit above all else. Our product lineup was built from the ground up to provide an alternative to the clothes made in sweatshops (often by children). Unlike the big guys, we don’t think consumers don’t care, they often just don’t know.

OurStit.ch was founded out of desperation. When we couldn’t find clothes that compromised on our ethics, design, or affordability, we decided to make our own. Enter OurStit.ch, each piece of clothing we sell is made with love in the USA. Rather than making profit our only goal, we want to provide the world with a responsible clothing alternative without sacrifices. Our clothes look and feel great while keeping your conscience clean. To back up our claim, we proudly donate 10% of our profit to children’s charities! Help us make a difference one shirt at a time.